Waves of Avistan

Prior Events
Before the Adventure

It was a rainy spring day in Absalom, the Central City. The players each finished their Confirmation, and were recently made full Pathfinders. Maybe it was immediate, or maybe they had a few short, boring expeditions under their belt, but a notice was given to them simultaneously where they were staying.


Congratulations on your recent achievements. It is with great pride that we inform you that you have been considered for a prestigious new lodge. While the details can not be divulged at the moment, please understand that it will be in the Nation of Cheliax, so prepare accordingly.

If you wish to accept this assignment, meet at dock 34 in two days, and look for the Devil’s Deceit.

Signed, The Decemvirate"

It is with accepting this that the players begin their adventure in earnest. The trip by sea takes just over a month with a few stops for the massive Chelish Galley. Ostenso being the first stop, the players see the might of the Chelish Navy; one of the largest in Avistan. Next, they stopped in Westcrown, the Twilight City. The stay was short there, for it is said that dark beasts roam the shadows at night. This was the last shore-bound stop for a couple weeks, as they passed through the Arch of Aroden to head North, and directly for Kintargo.

That is, if the boat didn’t burn down on the voyage. * cough *


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