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Campaign Introduction

Located in Avistan, the Cheliax Empire is an oppressive nation that follows the teachings of Asmodeus closely. While most of the nation follows the strict rules, outside influences have started to take sway over the City of Kintargo.

This is where the story starts: with easy access to the wild Nation of Varisia to the North, the expanse of the Nation of Cheliax to the East, and the desert of Rahadoum to the South. As a part of the Pathfinder Society, the Characters must follow the creed; Explore, Report, Cooperate.

Using the tools of this website, the players can get together to write a report to the Venture-Captain they are assigned to. This way, nobody is lost on what happened, in addition to the Adventure Log that can be posted.

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Character Information

As Pathfinders, the Player Characters would have spent a couple years in Absalom, so almost any background would be allowed. Due to how open I am about characters, the only restriction I ask is that players run the character idea by me, so that I get an understanding for what might motivate him or her. In addition, knowing the Confirmation would be a great thing to include in the Biography of the character, as it gives the GM a prior history to pull from.

Please read the campaign introduction: Prior Events

I’ll keep the information below as a guideline for us, at least for a while.

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